Here are just a few of our pools, which were tailor made to fit our valued customers needs and match their high expectations to give them a unique experience everyday in their own house  you can get the same luxury, or even better!

When making the design, we make use of your house's architectural touches to make them part of the pool.

In this pool we included the pole, which is originally holding the balcony, as a part of the design as a center for the sitting area.

A comfortable Jacuzzi doesn't have to be separated from the pool such as this pool.


Don't worry if your area has any limitation or obstacles, we've designed and constructed many pools, while making use of those unique circumstances and turn them into an advantage.

For example, the owners of those 2 pools had uneven lands, where part of them is a lot higher than the rest of the area. As you can see, after the pool's been constructed, one can never tell that there was anything unusual about the land prior to construction!


Now this is the 1st pool of its kind in Bahrain! It has a glass wall on one side, which is faced by a sitting area so people can enjoy the view of the pool inside-out!

Another unique thing about this design is that the land had a slope, which we made work in favor of the pool's design.

Based on the client's taste and in cooperation with the house's contractor, the pool was designed to have the Jacuzzi area right below the barbeque area, which connects to the house.


Even if you lack the space for a big pool, we will make sure to utilize the area to the maximum.

As shown in the pool on the left, the Jacuzzi is placed separately higher than the pool level with a barbeque and a setting area lead by stairs. This design (which was done in cooperation with the house's contractor) allowed us to construct a bigger pool than originally expected by the client.

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